A Hotel Near Terminal 21 will be Within the Best Spots in Bangkok

Terminal 21 has become one of the hottest places for people to visit while in Bangkok. The building is home to a variety of stores and plenty of unique themes based upon many of the world’s most impressive cities. In fact, you can get reservations at a hotel near Terminal 21 so you’ll have a good place to stay at which is not too far from this popular place. A good hotel in the region can offer plenty of great things for you to try out.

What Makes Terminal 21 Special?

Terminal 21 opened in 2011 as a prominent multi-use complex. Located in the Asoke intersection, this property has a nine-story retail space. This space has more than six hundred different stores and services to utilize.

The individual floors are all based on their own special themes. These themes were created based on many of the world’s most prominent cities. There are individual floors based on such prominent cities as Rome, Paris, London, San Francisco and Istanbul. These places have their own special accents that make them all distinguishable from one another. For instance, the Rome floor has a series of sculptures featuring Roman mythological figures while the Paris floor has models of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe among other prominent features of Paris.

Three Key Anchors

Terminal 21 has three important anchor stores. First, Gourmet Market is a popular supermarket based out of the complex. Second, there is an H&M fashion store located in the midway point of the complex.

An SF Cinema City movie theater is also included at Terminal 21. This anchor features eight screens with two offering support for 3D digital films.

Other Shops

The other shops around the complex are especially varied. There are plenty of brand name boutiques located all around the complex with luxury products being the more popular items to check out at this spot. There are individual floors for ladies and mens wear products as well. There’s also a Fitness First health club located at the very top of the shopping center.

Why Stay At a Nearby Hotel?

It’s a great idea to consider staying at a hotel near Terminal 21 so you’ll have more than just easy access to this great shopping center. You’ll also have access to many major spots located all around this part of Bangkok. There are BTS and MRT stations located not too far off from the shopping center, for instance. There are also plenty of business centers located all around the region including the Robinson Department Store and the Villa Market to name a few. This region of Bangkok has something for everyone to enjoy when heading out into the region for all sorts of purposes.

Be sure to think about staying at a good hotel near Terminal 21 if you want to have a great experience while out in Bangkok. You can choose the Grand Swiss Hotel at 155/23-24 Sukhumvit Soi 11 if you’re looking for a great spot. It is a ten-minute walk from Terminal 21 and is not too far from the Nana BTS station. You can visit grandswissbangkok.com to learn more about the hotel and what it has to offer to all of its guests. read more

Enjoy Your Time in Sukhumvit Hotels That Have You Covered In Every Way

One of the ways to enjoy adventure is travelling to other parts of the world. The exposure that comes with it goes beyond just meeting people. You get to enjoy food from other cultures, try new language and even get to learn their history. However for you to enjoy all this, you need to make sure your travel destination has some reasonable accommodation. If you are travelling to Bangkok, you would want to try one of the Sukhumvit hotels.

Hotels make the major part of accommodation especially for foreigners visiting new places. Besides just getting a place to sleep you are assured of food, laundry among other things. However good hotels have other things added that will ensure you have a time of your life as you relax and enjoy your holiday. Some of these are facilities that spice the whole deal. These include spas, swimming pools, fitness centres, business centres, meeting facilities among others.

Facilities in Sukhumvit Hotels

The hotels are designed to accommodate you wholesomely whenever you are around. The food are sumptuous but also your fitness is a priority. Your peace of mind, recreation and entertainment cannot be compromised.

  1. Kantawan Spa

Business trips can be stressful sometimes given the nature of negotiations as you try to convince partners to invest. However after such an excruciating activity, you have an opportunity to ease the pressure and just unwind. The specialty spa treatment has been selected with care to help you have a unique experience. The scrubs, wraps and polishes have been chosen delicately to ensure your rejuvenation process is optimum.

For further relaxing you can dip yourself into the swimming pool and just have a great time in the water. Besides this there are saunas available if you cherish sometime in the steam. These can be accompanied by refreshing and soothing cocktails prepared within the hotel.

  1. Fitness centre

The centre has been fitted with satellite TV and radio channels designed to keep you motivated as you work out. The facility is fitted with state of the art equipment such as treadmills, upright bikes, shoulder press, dumbbell sets among others.  If you are into yoga and other relaxation or meditation modes, you can visit the outdoor terrace and enjoy your moment of relaxing.

  1. Meeting facilities

With a seating capacity of at most 35 people, these spacious facilities are nice setting for all your professional and business meetings. The state of the art equipment available will see to it that your meetings go as planned. The chairs and the tables are designed in a manner that will enhance your comfort and ensure your health is not at risk.

Finding all these facilities and others under one roof is not a walk in the park. However Sukhumvit hotels such as Phachara Suites have made it possible for you. These hotels have made it their business to make sure you have peace of mind in all ways possible. From the food to the pool, from meetings to spas you will have a lifetime experience. To book your spot you can take advantage of the online process or you can visit the office along Sukhumvit Soi 6. read more